Continuing Education for The Method Pilates®


PhysicalMind requires Certified Instructors to renew every two years. All materials and tests are now available online for digital download, we do not accept any outside courses or workshops for CECs. Any renewal needs to include 80Bites, either from Group A or Group B. (Certified instructors will want to be aware of the impact of hormones on the body, which is at the foundation of 80Bites.) 

Tye4® Certification Program (Coming Soon)

Tye4® Certification Program is for instructors to become proficient in the use of this creative prop for matwork and standing exercises for individuals and group training.  The program requires one month minimum of home study using the product with PMI digital programs and working out with Ashley Benson on her online platform. During the Workshop, the student will review all the “wraps” and typical exercises and then do a full Fusion class which the student will teach.

The Fees are:

  1. $100 One Time Registration Fee

  2. $150 Tye4® and Tye4X™ (to be provided after launch)

  3. $100 Matwork class or $125 Fusion Pilates workshop

  4. $24.99 Online Tye4 Studio—(one month subscription)

  5. Free Tye4® videos on PMI site

  6. $300.00 LIVE Workshop

*Live workshops are only available in NYC at our Studio in Soho. Workshops will be instructed by Institute Trainer Yuu Fujita; only to be scheduled  after completion of requirements #1-4. Certified Tye4® instructors  will  be eligible to become Teacher Trainers as we expand.  

Mat renewal:


Submit three PhysicalMind courses for a two

year renewal certificate.

Two courses must be from Group A. The Third course can be from Group B or Group C.

Apparatus renewal: (comprehensive*)

*This course includes Mat Renewal as well.

Submit four PhysicalMind courses for a two

year renewal certificate.

Two courses must be from Group A. The third and fourth course can be either from Group B or Group C.

GROUP A (Two are required):


GROUP B (Choose as many as you need):


GROUP C (Only one option permitted):

*If you are not up to date with Continuing Education, you can renew by acquiring all the products below and submitting your reviews after purchase. This will certify you for ONE year. After one year,  renew  your certification by acquiring the educational materials/courses in Groups A, B, and C. Matwork Renewal requires 3 courses and Comprehensive Renewal (both Matwork & Apparatus) requires 4. 

Program and Quiz

Sample of typical reviews here.

Upon Completion, Pilates teachers will receive an updated Certificate via email. Contact Jill Johnson with questions or for your updated certificate.


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