HEADFLOATER®: Neck Stretches To Relieve Tech/Text Neck

ABOUT HeadFloater®: Alexander Technique INSPIRED neck stretches

HeadFloater® is a neoprene headband designed to reduce and correct Tech/Text Neck by comfortably encompassing the skull and relieving neck pain, head pain, and stress through different neck stretches. Internal bungee cords connect in a figure-eight cross and attach to hand straps. HeadFloater® bungees compress and decompress the skull while lengthening and stretching the neck making for a very pleasurable and therapeutic experience. See how in our video.



Inspired by the Alexander Technique, HeadFloater® works harmoniously with the anatomy, balancing the neuro-musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. Easy and gentle neck stretches set in motion a series of actions that strengthen your balance, breath, and treat text/tech neck.

Although HeadFloater® works the very first time, it’s better with daily use. As your awareness is fine-tuned, you begin to activate the correct motor patterns for healthy posture and a more attractive alignment. Your back becomes stronger and more aligned. Your head floats upward. Your text/tech neck is relieved through relaxing and enjoyable neck stretches.

It’s actually hard to miss a day using the HeadFloater®. It’s so relieving to cradle your heavy head and release the tension in your neck and shoulders. You feel so light that you almost experience a floating sensation.



Dysfunctional sitting or standing posture while working at the computer or bent forward while texting causes a forward head position which puts the thoracic spine into excessive flexion. The head weighs about 12 lbs and this weight increases incrementally by 10 lbs for every inch the head is forward of its ideal position.

HeadFloater® patent #9,204,987 B1.

Headfloater is a registered trademark. Reg. No. 4,911,907