SmartSeat™ will make sitting with legs UN-crosssed feel good. Plus, with the addition of its specially designed WEDGE, the sitter will be able to antevert (tilt forward) the pelvis which takes the act of   sitting from a negative to neutral by enabling the body to better distribute the weight of the upper and lower parts which gives one a feeling of lightness – sitting in a posterior tilt is a feeling of heaviness and compression. In the correct seated posture you will feel lighter and more flexible which means more energy!


Sitting with legs crossed feels comfortable because the body is smart and adapts to this posture. SmartSeat™ provides a way to erase this muscle memory and substitute a better, bio-mechanically correct seated posture so you avoid this damage:

  1. Abdominals inhibited—especially internal oblique muscles.
  2. Pelvis in a posterior tilt so there is compression on the femoral nerve, artery and veins bilaterally which restricts circulation to the lower extremities.
  3. Blood pressure increases due to compression.
  4. Foot pain and numbness due to adverse neural tension which causes pressure on the peroneal nerve which may lead to long-term nerve damage.
  5. Lumbar spine (low back) & nerves compressed in tilted posture.
  6. Sciatic nerve and piraformis muscle stressed.
  7. Femur (thighbone) abducted (rotated inward) which leads to lumpy looking thighs and spider veins.