SmartSeat™ is great because it naturally forces me to sit up and use my core. Having scoliosis, it helps keep my back straight. I can sit on it for hours at a time. The other great perk is that I can’t cross my legs when I’m sitting on it, but it does it in a very instinctive way that I do not even find myself trying to cross my legs! I like to alternate sitting on it and not sitting on it to give my core and back a break. But all in all, it’s a great product!
— Lauren Chemenda

Excellent proprioceptive tool for finding and strengthening pelvic floor!
— Despina Stamos, Choreographer/performer co-founder of MDAS
I use this device everyday and it has been a great addition to my daily life. The support and ability to maneuver and change the effects based on how my back feels is very important. The results have been measurable and it’s a fool-proof to use!
— Rachel Pietrangelo