Technology and The Body

by Joan Breibart

varierchair copy.jpg

First we see an epidemic of issues associated with the upper body: 90% of the population has some degree of Forward Head. Fortunately, we now have HeadFloater to deal with the tightness and tension resulting from non-stop Texting, Typing, and Talking. And recently, the media is all over another obvious cause of dysfunction: sitting for hours and hours. Even Vogue Magazine has to address this concern in their October issue in “The Hot Seat.” It started with an alarming UK study which after assessing 800,000 participants concluded that those who sit more often are at 147% greater risk of having a cardiac eventOf course, when there is a problem then there is money to be made so chair manufacturers are trying to come up with new designs that make sitting less harmful. Treadmill desks are a new trend but again are there people who cannot coordinate typing and ordering online while walking? Is this activity beneficial for obese people?  How will the knees respond to hours of  walking when the body carries too much weight? You can preview Susan Orlean’s New Yorker article The Walking Alive to read more about this. Pictured left is my personal seating solution, the famous Varier Move Stool, manufactured with exceptional design in Norway (view their store here). Still the conventional desk is preferred and designers are trying to make it more functional “Chair Pitched as Answer to New Ways We Sit on Job“.

We have been following these studies and after reviewing the literature with Clinical Advisor Marika Molnar PT we have come up with a one hour client workshop to address these concerns which uses HeadFloater protocol and adds other moves to teach. But then we also go to the lower body and explain habits that NO ONE has addressed.

We held this Workshop in New York on Oct 28th at Living Proof in Midtown Manhattan, one of our new Certifying Studios (click here to view the announcement). The good news is that we arranged to have it videoed—having invited a group of great looking and experienced Pilates teachers! We are now editing this video and will inform everyone when it is available with a completeteaching sequence. We expect that you will want to run these client sessions at your studios andthen in companies where there area lot of employees who are more or less chained to computers. All you will need are mats; books; and HeadFloaters. Stay ahead with more from the PhysicalMind Institute. (Click here to see an updated HeadFloater Protocol).