Check out how our partners at B B Sports consulting utilize PMI products.

"We offer a unique Pilates-based conditioning program that focuses on the fundamentals:  Flexibility, Mobility, Core Strength, and Balance.  We watch athletic performance improve and pain and injury diminish. 

Our innovative conditioning program incorporates the TYE4® Wearable training system that is Pilates based and recruits postural muscles and activates a fluid kinetic chain experience through full range of motion.  This strengthens important stabilizing areas like ankles, knees, hips and shoulders, the areas most vulnerable to injury. Improving range of motion and flexibility throughout the spine, shoulders and hips taps into power and performance like never before. 

 And most important, our program decreases risk of injury and can prolong the athletes career."



                 Tye4® Fusion Pilates & Fitness Class

                           Tye4® Fusion Exercises

             Tye4® Sumo Squats With Monica Mendes

                                  Monica & Tye4®