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"The media has responded quickly and positively to PhysicalMind's SmartSeat™ product. Is it because they read the pitch at work seated at a computer knowing that "Sitting is the New Smoking!" Or did they see that this is really unique and patent-worthy? However, what they don't know is the history and the personal experiences that Institute founder and inventor Joan Breibart required to solve the sitting issue."


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"SmartSeat, Posture Corrector Seat, retrains your muscle memory so you sit correctly improving posture and improving your core. SmartSeat even helps to prevent spider veins by improving circulation. The SmartSeat helps relieve lower back and sciatica pain. OK, so this is too good to be true? No it isn’t. Really, it isn’t. It’s an amazing new innovative launch from Physical Mind™ Institute."


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“Sitting is the New Smoking” but maybe HOW we sit, with crossed legs and the pelvis tucked, is why 80% of us will experience back and hip pain. PhysicalMind Institute has a solution, SmartSeat™ is designed to retrain your body so that you can undue the damage from poor seated posture.  

SIT Smarter to Correct Your Posture!