I wanted to give you some response on my personal experience with the Parasetter. In the last 3 days I have been using the device to meditate and find it a great tool to quickly release and be calm. I think it is because I am laying down and receiving feedback that I don’t have to think about in regards to body position and breathing. I feel rested, very calm with a clear mind. No need to assess the event like I usually do.

The most significant change in my physical body as I use the Parasetter with associated movements is with releasing the tiredness, tightness and pain in my thoracic spine. Working over a treatment table for many hours a week has left me with compensations that include a very stiff T spine. In 3 sessions I believe I have restored my full T spine mobility. So much easier to remain upright and not slouch! Miracle. I am also working on many other areas as I explore: Re-doming the diaphragm with rib cage movement, improving my cervical extension, restoring stability input of hip and shoulder stabilizers and timing of muscle recruitment with movement,all while getting autopilot feedback.
The only thing I have to do is move with intention.
I look forward to sharing this with a few of my new ballet students this Friday and with a PT student tomorrow with whom I have taken Melt Roller teacher training which we both use for self soft tissue training with our clients.
— Karen Kerwitz PTA, CMT
The western perspective of “floating the spine” by supporting the ribs, at the sagittal plane truly elongates ,releasing and eliminating aches & pains at the very least!

The eastern perspective in my experience, the Parasetter goes beyond, elongation & relaxation. The Parasetter touches on the longest channel in the body (and the importance of this tract is essential for fluid transformation) it begins at the top of the head & descends parallel to the spine. The “floating sensation” is just the tip of the ice berg!

The channel it traverses in clinical practice tackles, to say the very least the following:
” Allergies
” Boosts immune system / to fight viruses
” Calms the heart when stressed
” Stimulates liver function
” Treat constipation
” Strengthens kidney essence to treat disorders of the kidney, etc. etc.
The fact that its design is simple, fuss free, portable and affordable makes it a really good product!
— Plinky Recto
I am a family practice physician. As a fibromyalgia patient with underlying up-slip and torquing of the SI joint, I get great relief from Pilates, particularly with the reformer and Parasetter. The Parasetter can realign my spine and relieve the muscle spasm pain within 10 - 15 minutes of working on it vertically and horizontally. The horizontal position beats massage and physical therapy, allowing me to alleviate muscle tension where needed, and deactivates trigger points. My daughter, who is a physical therapist, was realigning me but has not had to do so since I have had the Parasetter. In fact, she uses the Parasetter for her own SI issues. I also love using the minis for not only the foot, but also for massaging tight areas when traveling as it’s easy to pack. I love having this control over my body’s chronic issues! Happiness is Pilates and Parasetter!
— Sherlyn Larrison
The parasetter has Given me a tool to deliver the promise of releasing the interference to the brain PSN by allowing for the expression of the infinite potential within each living being.
A calm system equals transformation.
In today’s terms. We all need a tool to defragment our hard drives . It’s about clearing the viruses from a computer in order to make all the other programs or apps perform more efficiently .
This is the parasetter!!!!
— Anita Kretschmer LPI
During and after the gymnasts are on the Parasetter, they always acknowledge how good it feels on their spine! They verbalize how easy it becomes to take a deep breath into their back ribs without forcing anything.
Since incorporating the Parasetter into their workouts, the girls also choose to use it on their own time outside of the gym. They show a better awareness of their bodies in space and can attain the goals for their daily practice with less stress. As their Coach, I have noticed that their gymnastics performance has improved and they all seem to be happier.”
— Judy Hartog, Head Coach/Manager Odyssey Gymnastics 288 RT6. Mahopac NY
Parasetter is refreshing, renewing, and amazing! It helps to improve my posture, whereas my chest & shoulders feel more open, and my spine feels as though it is floating on a cloud. Spending time on the Parasetter before dancing allows more mobility in my spine, and as a result, I have more freedom and ease in my movement! It’s a great, quick and easy way to relieve stress at the end of the day. My 14 yr. old daughter used it right before bedtime, and she slept like a baby! I have found a new best friend, and I am sure that my family and my clients will feel the same! Thank you Marika!!!
— Cola Greenhill-Casados
I want to share with you my experience using them. It is simply the most worthwhile educational investment I have made in a very long time. It is an absolute must have accessory for studios and clients to use at home.
My testing has been to use Parasetter® in multiple situations. Another Pilates teacher and I started to experiment immediately and once we started, we couldn’t stop! We went through the entire Parasetter ® class. Then we used it with Arcus; tried it on the Reformer, and then on the MOTR! Next day I used it with an in-home client who had purchased a half roller three months ago. She couldn’t believe the comfort and versatility. Personally, I have worked on it for the past three days on the floor, on the Cadillac, and on the Reformer and I have seen for myself the benefits. For the FIRST time in many years, my sacroiliac joints did not pop doing leg work in straps. And, the unique support from cranial to sacrum is so powerful. I did a back bend using Arcus on the Tower—and I have not been able to do this in years!
Parasetter® gives cognitive feedback that will stimulates and connects new neuro-pathways in the brain. It is a perfect companion for rehabilitative work within the Pilates framework. The combination of the unique roller with the assistance of the Rib Wrap and Head Support helps lengthen and release the muscles and fascia. Just lying on it puts the body in a comfortable state and with the three dimensional breathing you a reach a true relaxation response! Parasetter® is the tool I have been looking for. Got to the PhysicalMind Institute website now and watch videos and order your Parasetter® set now everything you need is on the website.
— Patti Kreiner PMA®-CPT Instructor
Parasetter allows for 3-dimensional cognitive breathing which reduces the stress levels throughout the body. As it supports the ribs and cradles the spinous processes it improves the movement of the diaphragm resulting in better circulation with improved oxygenation of all the cells. By enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems ability to function Inflammation is reduced and the overall health of the spine is improved.
— Marika Molnar PT