• Unfold the Rib Wrap and slide it over the dual rollers. The silky strip of lining will be on the inside, between Parasetter® and your body. 
  • Slip the Head Support over one end of Parasetter®. If you are shorter than 5’4”, place it approximately six inches from one end. If you’re taller, then you can move it closer to the end. The Rib Wrap should be positioned about 12 to 16 inches from the Head Support. 


Parasetter® Preparation: 

  • Place Parasetter® with the Accessories on the floor. Lie on Parasetter® and Inhale, and on the exhale wrap yourself and attach the Rib Wrap. 
  • Adjust the Head Support at the occiput (the base of the skull) or under your neck. 
  • Parasetter can also be placed on a bed or on the floor with your lower legs on a chair.


Recovery Sequence:

  • Close your eyes or place a cloth over them in a quiet place, like a bedroom. 
  • Breathe consciously, trying to inhale for 6 counts and exhale for 8.
  • To focus your breath even more, try extending your arms overhead and inhale and exhale to the lift and return of your arms.


Cleaning Instructions: 

  • Wipe down Parasetter® with a dry microfiber cloth. 
  • Head Support has a machine washable sham cover. 
  • To clean Rib Wrap, wash by hand with soap and water. 

If you have any questions, email info@pmiemail.  For head and neck pain, use HeadFloater® with your Parasetter® for even more relief.