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The autonomic nervous system (ANS) helps us to adapt to the changing internal environment of our body. The two parts of this system are the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Although they are supposed to balance one another, modern life gets in the way, causing excessive and ongoing stress. This is where cortisol comes into play. Even though cortisol is a necessary hormone—it gets us up in the morning to start our day—too much is NOT a good thing. When chronically elevated levels of cortisol remain in the system, we are susceptible to abdominal fat gain, low energy, sleep problems, cognitive decline, increased blood sugar and insulin levels, and compromised immune function.

Since the goal of the ANS is to restore homeostasis (a stable state of equilibrium in our internal physiological condition), it should reset this stress by synchronizing the dual innervation of the SNS and PNS to the visceral organs. The SNS mobilizes the body during extreme situations (fear, exercise, rage), while the PNS allows us to unwind as it performs maintenance activities and conserves body energy. For example, when our skeletal muscles work hard, they require more oxygen and glucose, so the SNS speeds up the heart rate and breathing to meet these needs; once the situation is over, the PNS should become more active to keep the body’s energy use low and direct the subconscious housekeeping activities such as digestion and elimination. Fine adjustments should be continuously made by the two divisions in this dynamic antagonism, but because of the stresses of life today, this is not happening the way it should.

Enter Parasetter®, which involves sensory and motor integration to rebalance the autonomic nervous system. And the best part is that breathing and doing a few gentle movements—such as lifting the arms overhead and moving the legs—is easy! And it’s enough to establish in our brains the concept of independent movements of the skeletal system and the fascia so that we feel and look our best. First we recover and then we restore.

We recommend using Parasetter® prior to bed—even on the bed itself—to make for a dreamy sleep experience. But no matter when you use it, you will experience almost instant stress relief with very little effort.

So enjoy… you deserve it.