I had problems with arthritis in Ankle Joint due to fall breaking my Ankle 25 years ago along with a cracked Patella. I began using the MINIS™ the thing I loved the most was you noticed changes in your body immediately, after all I am all about instant gratification. I also noticed an amazing thing that happened was that I had gone out for a night on the town with friends and had done a considerable amount of dancing. I loved to dance but every other time I would pay the price and not be able to move the next day.
I am happy say after now incorporating the MINIS™ in my routine. I did not have pain the next day after the last time we went danxing and I totally attribute this to the amazing MINIS™. Being on my feet teaching long hours these MINIS™ are a gem to have around they don’t take up any space, they are easy to travel with there are endless ways to use them.
My private clients and classes love when I incorporate the MINIS™ they also request them to stretch and refresh! Several have purchased for home use.
— Patti Kreiner Hollywood Florida
I saw the Parasetter Minis on Ashley’s Instagram pic - those look amazing! I’ve been using mine on my dancers and some of them are addicted! I have one dancer with diabetes and celiac disease, and she hasn’t been sick once since March - which is when we started using the Parasetter! She used it and then fall asleep right afterwards for the rest of the day, and the more we use it the better it’s gotten - now she just “gets in a good mood” from it. And her insulin is leveling out, too -

— Jen
For the past year, I haven’t been able to do a correct pain-free relevé on my left foot. The wear and tear from ballet was made worse by doing the same steps over and over again on Broadway in An American in Paris. After working with the MINIS™ I am finding the proper balance and flexibility within my foot so that I am now able to do a proper relevé. I am so grateful for this small, lightweight invention, now in my dance bag and with me everywhere I go.
— Robert Fairchild, Principal Dancer, NewYorkCity Ballet
Leonardo da Vinci described the human foot as a “masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” Of the 206 bones in our bodies, twenty-five percent are in our feet, which we rely on for movement, support and balance. The MINIS™ enable us to experience the tiny micro-movements that center and align us. This awareness stabilizes our joints so we develop stronger and healthier bodies.
— Marika Molnar PT Lac, Physical Therapist New York City Ballet and Founder, WestSide Dance Physical Therapy
I have recently been introduced to the MINIS™. I believe that this device offers a great and non-complicated way to restore and increase proprioception. I can’t wait to work with it more often to uncover the other benefits it will have for my patients.
— Dr. Louis Galli, DPM New York, NY
I’ve discovered the MINIS™ and so should all dancers! After hours of teaching and late night tango, it’s pleasurable to stretch with MINIS™ and realign the feet–our essential tool as dancers–and quite satisfying to feel the ankles strengthening. I’d always planned on dancing tango for life… and now I know that I shall.
— Dante Polichetti, Professional Tango Dancer & Instructor