The complete two-day workshop is now available online with three videos. Ashley Benson, PMI Certified, leads a group of four trainers in an hour-long workout. There are four parts: Cardio, Ballet/Barre, Gym Moves, and Pilates. Another video explains how to teach each exercise. The third focuses on tips, such as how to use music properly. In addition, there is a beautiful illustrated Manual that details all the exercises with photos.


                           Tye4® Fusion Pilates Clip


Enjoy – this also now becomes part of our Continuing Education offerings. You can purchase the Fusion Package from our online store here for $125.00. Tye4® is available for $40.00 with purchase of the course.

Finally, for all of you who have asked about our Teacher Training Programs, Part I: Pilates Matwork will be ready in mid-September. Cost: $600.00.