This covers Pilates Fundamentals & Pilates Exercises. We begin with the Fundamentals, as they encourage proper form and deeper understanding of Pilates exercises. After two decades of teaching the Fundamentals, we have synthesized their application so you can feel the movement biomechanics. You will learn that the Fundamentals are not only the cues, but also the basis of every individual Pilates exercise: spinal and limb movements are applied variations of these basics. The focus on Fundamentals as the backbone of the entire catalog of Pilates movement is what sets TheMethod® Pilates apart from other certification programs.


As we finished the E101 Fundamentals video, we wanted to test the reaction of someone who hasn’t been certified by us and never saw Tye4. This is what she had to say:

“E101 provides an organizes template for instructors to draw from and teaches the foundations of a healthy and productive Pilates practice by introducing the Tye4, a powerful tool that helps the suer propriocept and strengthen tensile patterns through multiple ranges of movement and relationships to gravity, gently challenging and assisting them to feel the entirety of their structure dynamically.”

Our Comment:

All true, and the simpler explanation is that these Mini-Moves teach the FORM necessary for correct movement which always involves stabilizing one part to mobilize another. Tye4 makes you feel the correct form.