Elaine de Markondes MD, PT, Master degree in Semiotic, is a recognized Brazilian physical therapist known for the creative interventions used on orthopedic diseases and dysfunctions treatments. As a tango dancer and former ballet dancer, Elaine uses movement flow and sensory-motor concepts as the main tools to enhance patients’ movement patterns and autonomy. As the director of a physiotherapy and Pilates clinic called Nucleo do Corpo, located in Curitiba, Brazil, Elaine leads a group of Pilates professionals and is constantly incorporating innovative rehabilitation approaches into her work with patients. She is the president of DeMarkondes Pilates, which has been offering PhysicalMind Institute courses in Brazil for the last 18 years. Because of her creative, innovative, and unique mind, Elaine is considered a pioneer in the Somatic Field in Brazil. Moreover, she is one of the Brazilian Elders, being one of the first professionals to introduce Pilates in Brazil.